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Dark Kitty

June 2016



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Jun. 17th, 2016

Dark Kitty

Entering the World of Freelance Writing Anew

Got a position as a Freelance Writer for an internet company, and I'm trying to organize my rambling and crazy ideas into a few sentences to highlight what I can offer to the writers market for my upcoming very own Website.

May. 7th, 2009

Dark Kitty

A Double Drabble for Supernatural-

Heretofore is the drabble I wrote last Sunday for the E/O Challenge on FF.net-  It's a double one, as I'd missed the week's previous...


Fall On Me

The few photos salvaged were stacked in a manila envelope wrapped in plastic in the Impala's trunk.  Just over a year since Mary's death, the first week of the New Year, Dean had reached under a bundle of splintered Evergreen stakes to find that which I'd been unable to look at for such awhile.

Wordlessly, as was his way, he spread the tattered pictures of our family over the dusty pavement of the parking lot.  Boy had taken so little interest in anything up till then that I'd dared not interfere.

Hurt seeing, though:  Mary and I, Dean holding newborn Sammy for the first time, the four of us grinning under the big oak in our front yard, and a few more fleeting glimpses of such scenes and dreams, gone forever.

One lone frame remained.  It contained a picture Mary had taken of me holding three-year-old Dean.  Remembering the moment, I could almost feel my son, solid, secure in my arms again:  his wistful smile, his chubby hands splayed upwards, his big eyes transfixed.  Nothing up there but blue, though, far as my eyes could see...


"Sky falling."

"Sky's not gonna fall, son."

"Daddy hold up the sky."

I remember how fondly, how foolishly I'd laughed.


Mar. 17th, 2009

Night White

Supernatural Drabble At Night, Oncemore

Here's another of my Supernatural Drabbles - This one finds Sam savoring some alone time in the darkest hour of the night--

Caution:  Here Be Spoilers for Season 4- up to and including 4:15 and, well, beyond...

Word Count: 100

In The Darkness

Ruby drops him off down the alley of the motel's parking lot.  It's just past 2a.m.  In front of their room sits the Impala, and Sam, not quite ready to head in, quietly climbs behind her wheel.

No light shines from any room in the motel.  Gusty breezes roll bulky clouds over the light of the full moon, the night's ominous intermittent darkness oddly comforting.

He feels their shared blood coursing through his veins, charging his soul with a power he'd never before realized.  He shudders in delight, breathes deeply the night air, and heads on in to bed.

Thanks for reading-- :)
Dark Kitty

Supernatural Drabble At Night

Word Count:  100

Spoilers:  Anything up to and beyond the 4th Season episode "Death Takes A Holiday".

Disclaimers:  As always, only playing in Kripke's sandbox, never trying to claim it...

-This is a drabble for the Enkidu7 and Onyx Moonbeam Challenge on FF.net-  But it's also a premise of the first chapter on a new story I'll be posting very very soon--------- Hope ya all enjoy!!

White As Snow


Flashes flicker of wide terror-filled eyes, screams from all directions, in a place so hot, so godforsaken burning-

Bolting upright, awake, breathless- just another nightmare.

It’s 2a.m. The room is silent, again he’s alone. Getting up off sweat-soaked sheets, he goes to the sink for some water to quench his parched throat, splash his balmy face. Fever must be rising.

Leaning back against the door, he spots his profile in shadow. Looks like a derelict reject. He taunts himself, remembering a time when his brother's heart was white as snow.

What Sam’s doing now fills him with such worry, such a desperate rage…


Writer's Block: Movies Viewed in Youth

What was your favorite movie when you were a kid? Is it still your favorite now that you're older?
I have loved the movies that always glow from our tv sets around the holidays since early childhood- And the movie "The Ten Commandments" has always resonnated with me when Easter, perhaps my favorite holiday of them all, comes around............
Wonderful Spring, & Wonderful Easter, To You All!

Mar. 12th, 2009

Dark Kitty

Writer's Block: What a Way to Make a Living

What's the worst job you've ever had?
Well --I've had some doosies, to say the least!  I once worked at a WalMart, though- while in college.  It had to be the most monotonous job possible on the face of the earth.  I was in virtual hell, while my co-workers were all cheerful & called themselves "Associates..."

It was, shall I say, trying....

One afternoon, they assigned me to greet customers at the front entrance- for the whole shift....  Let me just have you know that after that day, I was disallowed to ever have to endure working in that unenduring soul-stifling atmosphere again.... :>)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity of sharing.......

Feb. 19th, 2009


Supernatural Drabble

Here's my E/O Drabble Challenge entry for the word: "Numb"
Word Count: 100
Herein Dean finds his reality a bit quirked in the aftermath of a hunt...

Twilight Zone

Dizzy, feel like I'm short-circuiting-

Bleeding, can't catch my breath, still with smell of copper so thick in the air-

Where can I go to escape this mind-numbing pain?  So tempting to give in to the darkness, but Dad's barking out orders, his hands clutching my jacket, moving us briskly along...

"Get him to the car, son!  He's real shocky- Move quick!"

World's totally spinning.  Where the hell's the car?  Sammy?

Wish I could get my bearings.  Mouth's too dry to speak-

To my left, sense of movement-

"C'mon, Dean..."

Ah- Sam's voice just the grounding I need, that moppy head my beacon...

Jan. 30th, 2009


My Ruby/Bitch Drabble

While Your Lips Are Still Red

Little kiss, and again they connect

Ah- she can do this.

Beauty and dark gifts notwithstanding, his will's so eaily pliable

Ruby's found him well worth the agony

The requisite torture, the mind-numbing pain

Falling each time for the sake of the End Game

Bitch has got the gist of it well down pat-

For Hell's got some heavy Humpty-Dumpty magic-

The countless souls ripped and broken apart are, at the closing of each day, put patently together again

Over and over and over again-

It's always only a matter of patience... patience to see it to the bloody end.


Jan. 28th, 2009


Another Supernatural Drabble

This is my 4th week's participation in the Enkiu07 / Onyx Moonbeam Drabble Challenge on FanFic.net-  Prompt word was "Nausea" (or variations...) Sort of a continuation of last week's submission, "Importune Me No More".

Word Count: 100


Sam recoils from the nauseating stench erupting from the flame-tipped bones.

He turns away enough to see tenacious sprit matter fizzle in the air above his brother, lying boneless on the ground.

He rushes forward, shouting, "Dean!  I've burnt her bones, she's gone!"

Unconsciously, Dean turns at the sound of Sam's voice.  Eyebrows frowning, sinews & bones twitching to find life, he suddenly gasps in the evening air-

 "Got her- Simple salt & burn!  The bones are gone.  God, Dean!

"Quick little bitch- crushed my bones, my breath right outa me..."

"Your bones aren't crushed, dude.  Let me help you up."

"No.  I'm fine... The bones?"

Jan. 19th, 2009


Supernatural Drabble

Another drabble now, my 3rd, from Enkidu07's and OnyxMoonbeam's challenge on FF.net

Challenge Word:  Wrench (ed/ ing/ es)

Word Count: 100

Importune Me No More

The tall man brisky digs through her little spot of earth, as the lid to her coffin's wrenched open.

Barely alight, she shifts into matter as the other one shouts, "Here! Bitch! Come and get me!"

Summoning wind, she slams into his chest, hoping to send him to his own pine box as he pushes and gasps in the evening air.

For all the delight his weakening struggles invoke, there's no rejoicing when his arms finally go slack.

For he remains alive, while the tall one's been moving all along.

Her last sight on earth's her own bones transforming into flame.


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